you are just an app away from your phone being a 3d scanner

I’m still holding off on buying an apple product.  see, i don’t like to update anything and with itunes…just watch the south park episode to understand how i feel about that.  okay, now back to this great technology.  3d scanners and 3d printers at the touch of our hands.  i’m excited to see how artists will use this easy access to the next wave of technology to create beautiful new works. 

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Three-dimensional scanners are expensive – thousands of dollars for industrial models.Now there’s a 3-D scanner for your phone, which does many of the things industrial models do for only $300.

The app, Moedls, runs on an iPhone and iPad and uses a consumer-quality laser, a turntable and a simple box to do professional-level 3-D scanning. It was invented by John Fehr, an inventor with a number of Kickstarter projects under his belt, including a magnetic catapult and a levitating magnet sculpture.

via (Touch Me!)


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