boy gets a prosthetic hand all for a grand total of150 dollars

With advancements in technology; printing ears, lab grown livers, and prosthetic’s like this, science gives me great hopes for the future.  now, if i can get me a back transplant… 

With 10,000 miles separating them, two makers designed and built a customizable 3-D-printed prosthetic hand for a 5-year old boy named Liam in South Africa for $150 in parts. No power necessary.

The idea for Liam’s hand started out as Rich Van As’s nightmare accident. When Van As, an artisan carpenter, chopped off four of his fingers with a table saw, he vowed to get mechanical replacements. So Van As, in South Africa, researched for months. But only found the X-finger, which costs thousands of dollars. That’s when Van As stumbled on a YouTube video of avelociraptor-like claw made by Ivan Owen, a mechanical special effects artist in Bellingham, WA. Van As tried to replicate the design, but soon realized he needed Owen to “lend me a hand.” And the two swapped ideas over email, a blog, Skype sessions, and finally in person at Van As’s workshop in South Africa over four days in November, 2012.

via (Touch Me!)


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