why was flame retardant in gatorade, why is it still in mountain dew?

I sometimes consider many different titles for the weird and wonderful stories that I come across.  I could think for forty days and forty nights and still not come up with something more spot on with a splash of ridiculous than this one.  I guess as consumers, it’s nice to always have options.

Electrolytes aren’t the only thing quenching your thirst when you drink Gatorade. An ingredient patented for use as a flame retardant has been in the formula until now, as PepsiCo Inc. plans to phase out the substance from Gatorade… while keeping it in other products.

The AP’s Candice Choi reported Friday afternoon that PepsiCo spokeswoman Molly Carter confirmed earlier reports in Beverage Digest claiming that the soft drink company would remove brominated vegetable oil (BVO) from Gatorade. Carter says PepsiCo uses the controversial ingredient as an emulsifier (a way to spread flavor evenly throughout a drink), and notes that despite complaints about its health effects, the Food and Drug Administration has no laws against it. But online petitions against the use of such ingredients have gained traction in recent years, and Carter says the company has been “hearing rumblings” from consumers.

via (Touch Me!)

Why Was Flame Retardant in Gatorade, and Why Is It Still in Mountain Dew? – Technology – The Atlantic Wire.


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