scientist find bigfoot, says pay up to see

I don’t run in a lot of science crowds (I’m not opposed and if you are ever interested, I’d happily accept an invite) but I would think that if anyone ever did find bigfoot, the rewards would be much better on the back end than having a pay wall on your website that one gossip column will pay for and everyone will just find out from their site what the results are.  Maybe I am naive to the science game  but even if they don’t want you, Maury, Jerry, even Anderson Cooper (though, no one would watch the reveal on that show.  there is everything wrong with that son of a vanderbilt).  

The professional credibility is in question for Texas geneticist Dr. Melba Ketchum and her colleagues. They allege having genetic proof Bigfoot (Sasquatch) exists. Other scientists, and Bigfoot enthusiasts and skeptics alike, are eager to see if enough empirical evidence of the so-called elusive North American creature’s existence is valid, waiting for a peer-review scientific journal to publish the results.

Although Ketchum first announced her findings back in November, the publication of her full results was delayed because no peer-reviewed scientific journal would accept her study. Peer review methods are employed by those in relevant fields of study to maintain standards, improve performance, and provide credibility to research.

via (Touch Me!)


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