dogs know what we are thinking but only sometimes care


Sometimes, my dogs are sneaky and keep an eye on me while they try to steal food or eat my sunglasses.  Sometimes, those little bastards could give a care less if I am watching them eat each other’s food or chew through christmas lights.  What I’m saying is dogs may understand our perspective but really, they only care when it suits them, right around treat or dinner time.


A recent study reveals that dogs are much likely to steal food in the dark when humans cannot notice them, indicating they understand a human’s perspective.


The study, conducted by Dr. Juliane Kaminski of the University of Portsmouth’s Department of Psychology, claims that when humans forbid the dog from eating the food, he is four times more likely to steal the food that he was forbidden to eat in the dark.


This behavior in dogs reveals that they can change their actions based on what humans think and feel. They take into account what humans can see and what they cannot.

via (Touch Me!)


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