man does not like gay dogs, tries to put dog down but normal people win

I guess in some places ignorance such as this is just simply bliss.  Firstly, I believe it is your dogs choice as a dog to hump whatever he wants.  Second, dogs don’t have the bible to live by so they can do any hedonistic thing that they care to.  Oh and third, it’s a dog humping something.  If that made dogs something, my dog would be gay and in love with a couch and a blanket.  Maybe I should have that birds and bees talk now.

A dog’s owner in Jackson Tennessee surrendered his dog to Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter on January 29th because he witnessed his male dog “humping” another male dog.

Although such behavior is not necessarily considered to be homosexual when it comes to canines, it is possible that the dog is actually gay, considering over 1,500 species have been shown to exhibit homosexuality, including but not limited to dogs.

Just as some people are born gay, some dogs are as well.

via (Touch Me!)



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