no surprise that the tasty aspartame is going to kill me


I love most everything that Aspartame hides in.  I guess at least I know what is going to kill me.  

From the paper Effects of Aspartame on the Brain: Neurologic Effects of Aspartame? by Richard J. Wurtman and Timothy J. Maher: “Compounds that do affect physiological systems are classified as drugs by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are subject to considerably more demanding regulatory procedures than food constituents. However, and perhaps paradoxically because food additives must be shown to be physiologically inert in order to win initial FDA approval, once they have obtained this approval they are thereafter exempted from the requirement (imposed on all drugs) that their safety continue to be monitored.

The companies that manufacture and use them are not obligated to monitor adverse reactions associated with their product, nor to submit to the FDA reports of such adverse reactions; they also are not required to carry out additional government-mandated research programs to affirm their product’s safety.”

via (Touch Me!)


One thought on “no surprise that the tasty aspartame is going to kill me

  1. I like this! So amazing that I’m definitely coming back again soon.

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