ufc on fox 6: six down and they have been cancelled yet…


Mike Russow and Shawn Jordan excited me.  To know that UFC has enough heavies that even the middle of the pack guys don’t go down like they’ve been shot after taking one solid punch (looking at you Sapp).  Jordan must have a Homer Simpson head to make it out of the first and be ready for round 2 like he did…Ryan Badr will never be top dog in the light heavies but he can put a beat down on anyone that isn’t an A level fighter.  Poor Vlad, not a good night for the Janitor…Clay Guida sponsored by the Carpenters Association of Chicago is the single greatest sponsor ever (you’ve been replaced Mickey’s).  Guida did what Guida does.  Maul and brawl.  Thank you Hioki for working on the bottom.  Quality work for a loss…Elbows explode faces if used properly.  Blood splatter on the camera.  Nasty ass whooping by TJ Grant.  Whoever does the stitch work for the UFC should send TJ and Jim Miller Christmas cards for all the work he gets from their elbow gashing.

Anthony Pettis puts me in a state of amazement.  That precision is on par with The Spider.  Cowboy might have to take a week or two off from wake boarding.  I don’t think his insides will be all back into place for a while…Ricardo Lamas hits really really hard.  When Erik Koch bleeds he spews.  It’s nice to see contenders explode onto the scene.  Always a great way to get people excited about their title shot…Rampage is old but the thick head never goes.  Glover did what he was suppose to do and now on to the next rung of the ladder…Demetrious Johnson is fast.  John Dodson hits hard.  125 pounds is not the ideal weight to knock someone out no matter how many kettle bells you throw around.  Solid showing.


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