look everybody it’s the new zoogeographical map of earth!!!

That’s right.  Step right up and get your new zoogeographical map as brought to you by the fine folks from the University of Copenhagen Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate (I do not think they will be accepting my application). 

Biogeography involves the mapping and scientific explanation of the spread of life on Earth. The new world map of the planet’s land animals is based on data covering mammals, birds and amphibians.

The map is an updated map from an earlier version created by Alfred Russel Wallce in 1876.  Orginally created to highlight six regions, the new version consists of 11 regions that span around the globe.  In addition to the 11 zoogeographic realms, shown above, the scientists also mapped 20 smaller regions within their boundaries.

via (Touch Me!)


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