picture this…last meals of death row inmates


What a decision to make that last meal.  99.9 percent of us never get to choose our last meal.  We will most likely end up with a belly full of nasty Wendy’s or a bowl of cereal before we take the big plunge into darkness.

Death row inmates have it a little different.  They know years in advance that if the appeals don’t come through, they will have to make that call.  What taste do I want on my tongue before it is replaced by the metallic taste of dying takes over.

Some, like John Wayne Gacy, go all out.  Chicken, fries, and strawberries. Others, just a single olive with the pit still inside.  I’ve given all this a lot of thought and my thought is…I hope I never have to pick out a last meal because that means I didn’t get to die randomly while I’m hanging with polar bears in Alaska or some other wonderfully hairy situation I should have never been in to begin with.

via (Touch Me!)

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