had a debate about the moon landing authenticity…now I’ve got a few facts


This is two-fer for you on the technology of video that was available to record the moon landing.  First up, is a breakdown of the cameras of Apollo.  What they were, how they worked, and their abilities to work in conditions akin to outer space.

via (Touch Me!)


Part two is a little video by SG Collins.  An inquisitive man, Collins is not arguing that he is sure we went to the moon but he is saying that we did not have the technology to fake a moon landing even if we would have wanted to.

via (Touch Me!)

And you thought I was only about the conspiracy theories of everything.  Okay, fine I am but I’m also happy to be wrong from time to time to.  See, I like these little things called facts.  They are an allusive bunch, those facts, but they do exist in one way or another with most everything that happens on this little planet of ours.


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