the vending machine that microwaves…oh what my dreams have come


If someone doesn’t put one of  these in ever college in america, then we are letting our young people down.  

Vending machines that serve food do not do too well when it comes to hot food, such as porridge. After all, cold sandwiches are easy to store, but EatWave Vending of San Diego, California, has come up with the EatWave – a patent pending, fully automated and refrigerated vending machine that boasts of an internal microwave cooking unit.

In a nutshell, EatWave is able to heat up your pre-packaged hot food items in under a minute, as well as deliver a range of snack, cold food and cold drink items, all from a single machine. This is definitely unprecedented, as machines in the past were specialized in the kind of food or drink that they served, perhaps with the exception of drinks machines that deliver both hot and cold drinks.

via(Touch Me!)


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