The tablet with buttons you can actually feel if you like that kind of thing


My skills as a typer come from the old school meaning I learned to type on a big ass loud and bang-y typewriter. It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t fun.  And the typewriter sure didn’t have internet access for when you need to get work done but you have no desire to do so.

That being said, I like tangibility.  Buttons on my fingers are my best friend.  I am not good at punching on a screen with letters half the size of my finger so I stick with my laptop for all my typing needs even though my phone is fancy and all the kids make fun of me for never using it.

But now, my pains have finally be alleviated with thanks to the wonderful people at Tactus.  Their new tablet can now give you bumpy buttons to type on when needed and a smooth flat screen when not.  I love adaptable technology.  Now I can only hope that this makes it to market before someone buys the technology and sticks it in a drawer and lets it disappear forever.

via (Touch Me!)


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