burglar tip #1, there is a reason hansel left a trail of bread crumbs


Kershaw County deputies say Cheetos led them to a burglary suspect.

Officers took 19-year-old Austin Lee Westfall Presler into custody, charging him with second-degree burglary.

On January 6th, officers say a man was delivering fuel to the Cassatt Country Store when he noticed the front glass of the store had been shattered. Responding officers determined that the suspect went into the store and stole beer, cigarettes, snacks, and energy drinks.

Surveillance video showed the suspect left in a white car.

Deputies, though, say Presler made a mistake: he broke open a bag of Cheetos on the floor of the store. A foot search by officers led them to a nearby home. When they arrived, they found fresh Cheetoes on the front porch.

(Touch Me!)

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