how to get duct taped like you are pledging a frat


I am an avoid-er of attention when dealing with police officers and anyone involved in the airline business.  Apparently, avoiding your fellow passengers on an international flight needs to be added to the list.

Recently, a jerk who lives in a world where only he matters, took a flight from Iceland to New York.  During the flight, the jerk did what jerks did and yelled at people on the plane and spit at people.  This attitude seemed to have a galvanizing effect on those on board, putting everyone else on one team, and the jerky gent on his own.

Iceland Air said it could not confirm the validity of a photo taken of a man duct taped to his seat, but said there was “an incident with a passenger on the flight from Reykjavik to New York” in which the passenger was restrained.  

From me I say, I’m pretty good with photoshop and not even photoshop can look that real.

via my good friends at Cnn (Touch Me!)


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