why i never resist arrest on a playground

Now, I don’t this cop intended to blast the kid with a knee as he was coming in to assist his partner.  Anyone has ever been arrested should know, you are getting a knee to the back or to the chest.  That’s what you might call a control position.  Now, this does not happen during every arrest but if you are not cooperating and you need to be put under control, then it’s time to break out a control position.

In another one of those pieces of the puzzle situations, the video does not show what happened to lead to the officer needing to restraint the suspect so who knows what happened then.  Of course, this was also most likely when the officer called for backup so the officer arriving second on the scene is only aware of the situation as aggressive and has no way of knowing things are under control.  Would I prefer not to be yelled at by the police?  Sure but I yell at people everyday so how can I expect that fellow to not be a little wound up in the situation.

For me, neither party did anything wrong.  The suspect probably should have acquiesced to the officer in the first place but eventually realized his best option was to stop resisting and for that, he gets a thumbs up.  The responding officer should not been seen as at fault because quite honestly, I don’t think many cops have the skills to pull off such an eloquent knee to a grounded opponent like he did.  More like dumb luck/unluck.  I say, let’s lay all the blame at the feet of worldstarvideos.

Look, I’ve got no complaints if some random street fights make it into my viewing pleasure and someone makes a few bucks off it but to profit they are about to profit from this video is just not something I can climb on board with.  Do what you want, but I will keep worldstar in the sleazy category.

via youtube


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