Making Our Own Decisions

I love my appendages.  Well, I like them a lot though, from time to time, I would like to trade them in for a new model but I don’t think it works that way (when you have no insurance).  End of the day, I might trade them in one day when we all become machines but I have no desire to lose any of them.  Four is a nice, balanced number for both arms and legs.  Or, for some people, maybe three has a better ring to it.

“In BIID, or apotemnophilia, individuals express a strong desire to have a healthy limb amputated at a very specific location. People with this condition  usually describe the affected limb as being “intrusive” or “over-present”, and report that they have had the desire to remove since early childhood, but do not understand why. This desire can be so strong that sufferers sometimes resort to damaging the affecting limb irreparably, thus forcing doctors to amputate it. The vast majority of BIID sufferers have no other psychological disturbances, and almost always say that they feel much happier when the limb is eventually amputated.”

(Touch Me!)

Things don’t work perfectly forever, especially not in the ready to break human model that we currently work from.  Things break down and stop working or seize up and refuse to move.  We are a design made to break (thank you very much mother nature or alien creator) and for some people, that can be a hard pill to swallow.  We all have a tipping point but it is our body after all so should we not be able to choose if it is our time to go (bonus on this one for finding debatepedia during this search.  What a site).   No one wants a loved one doing this just to give us a little peace (Man shoots wife of 45 years in ICU).

(Touch Me!) (Bonus to anyone who can tell me what the picture is)

We all have choices in this whole wide world and that’s alright by me.  You do your thing and I’ll do mine and once in a while, we might even come together and have a drink sometime.  Or if that’s not your thing, how about a smoke?  But we do not have to at all.  That’s a choice too.  Being a human has so many fantastic qualities if we could just let everyone have  their own say.  It’s their body or better yet, it’s your body.  Do with it what you want just always be who you are.

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