Crochet… rising art medium of the macabre

Did you know people under the age of 105 crochet.  Scratch that, do you even know what crochet is?  Wikipedia says it is “ a process of creating fabric from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook”.  Oh, that you say.  My grandmother made the hell out of some off-sized mittens for your fifth birthday.  Yep, that crochet.  Did you know people under 50 crochet too and they are a bit more creative.

(Touch Me!)

Croshame, AKA Shove Mink, begrudgingly took up crocheting in October 2009. What was at first a tenuous relationship with the craft soon blossomed into an all-out obsession when Shove began making her own macabre amigurumi designs in Janurary 2010. Her newfound love and fervor for the medium prompted her to quit her retail job and concentrate solely on her art.

Shove is a native of San Francisco, where she currently lives with her husband Chuck and Pomeranian Manson. She graduated with a BFA in Painting and Drawing from California College of the Arts in 2002. As well as being an avid movie and art history enthusiast, Shove has authored several zines and comic books.

(Touch Me!) is a nutty playground for sharing this yarn-lover’s tangled misadventures!  Howie began crocheting in 2008 and has been making versions of dangerous items which he has always wanted to play with, and then posing for elaborate photos with them.  The 35-year-old from British Columbia, Canada said he came up with the idea last year and learnt Amigurumi – a Japanese style of crocheting or knitting stuffed characters – to help him achieve it.

“I like crocheting items that I’ve wanted to play with since childhood, like spaceships and ray guns,” said Howie starting another of his yarns.

(Touch Me!)

Loving these grotesque knitted projects by Patricia Waller. I think it makes these all the more gruesome, that they’re made using an otherwise innocent technique (knitting/crochet).   Patricia isn’t very talkative on her about me area of her site, so let me just give you a run down of her genius.  Winnie the Pooh hanging from a noose.  A bunny stabbed.  A dog crushed by a giant bone.  And a freaking unicorn.  Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than unicorns.

Go enjoy Shove Mink, Howie Woo, Patricia Waller as well as all the other creative and mad genius creators out there doing great work.


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