Voting works perfect every time

North Carolina- Fracking is now legal in North Carolina because a Democratic legislator, Becky Carney, voted for it by mistake.  The Republican lead legislature voted to override Governor Perdue’s veto by the minimum margin of 72-47.  Carney’s was the deciding vote — despite, her lobbying earlier in the day to try and support the ban on fracking.   Realizing she had hit the wrong button by mistake, Carney approached the Speaker of the House to correct her vote, by legislators are only permitted to change their votes if the change does not change the overall outcome of the vote.  Since, Carney’s vote resulted in an override of the Governor’s veto the rules did not permit her to correct her vote. (Touch Me!)

Washington DC- New laws in congress allow the House to recess once every three weeks, allowing members to spend more time with their families and constituents.  That change has attracted praise from members, but it also puts pressure on leaders to cram as many votes as they can into the schedule.  On June 21, House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-Mo.) said, “Mr. Speaker, on roll call No. 439, the Kind Amendment to H.R. 2112, I voted ‘aye’ when I intended to vote ‘nay.’ ”

Two days later, longtime Rep. John Duncan Jr. (R-Tenn.) said he “mistakenly voted ‘nay,’ ” when he “intended to vote ‘yea’ ” on a GOP energy bill.  (Touch Me!)

Florida- The dispute centers on the peculiar layout of a presidential ballot in Palm Beach County that some Democratic voters say caused them to become confused and mistakenly vote for Patrick J. Buchanan when they had intended to vote for Vice President Al Gore.

After the final tally, with Mr. Gore trailing Mr. Bush by just 1,784 votes in Florida, several senior Democratic officials said if the ballot had not flummoxed their supporters, Mr. Gore would have won enough votes to win Florida and the presidency.

Even though he never made even one campaign stop in Palm Beach County, Mr. Buchanan, the Reform Party candidate, finished with 3,704 votes in the staunchly Democratic county — nearly 2,700 more than Mr. Buchanan received in any of Florida’s other 66 counties. A lawsuit was filed in West Palm Beach challenging the county’s election and seeking a repeat of the vote two weeks from now. (Touch Me!)

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