They are just letters stuck together to make a sound

Ohio: Forest Thomer was cited by Cincinnati police last month at a park after he and comedian Ally Bruener say he asked people if they wanted to “laugh at the crippled girl.”

The question was not intended to demean his friend Bruener, but to promote her next comedy show and her website, the two said Monday. Bruener, who is in a wheelchair because of the degenerative muscle disorder, said she would approach people after Thomer asked them the question, tell a joke and talk about her next performance. Thomer also would record some of the public’s responses for use on Bruener’s website, showing people saying: “I laughed at the crippled girl.” (Touch Me!)

Michigan:  Lisa Brown, the Democratic state representative for West Bloomfield in Michigan,  found herself gagged after house Republicans took exception to her language.  Brown, who has three children, said that the bill’s proposals ran contrary to her Jewish beliefs. But it was the manner in which how she concluded her speech: on Wednesday that infuriated Republicans.

“Mr Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,'” she said.

Her use of the word “vagina” led house Republicans to prohibit her from speaking on school employee retirement bill. (Touch Me! to watch Lisa Brown on the floor and/or Touch Me! for an article about her and Barb Byrum trying to argue for regulating vasectomies which all lead to a Touch Me! reading of the vagina monologues on the steps of the statehouse which will be the one and only time I ever say anything positive about the vagina monologues because, well, I like to pick how a vagina talks to me)

Universe: So our third and final entry of the day seems to be a pretty obvious choice.  At least to anyone who knows anything pre-2000.  It comes from one of the greatest comedians to ever impart wisdom on the masses.  I give to you, George Carlin and what is it now….? seven dirty words (Touch Me!)  1978 people.  That’s where we are again.  Why must we always wrap around on ourselves and keep kicking our own ass?  Breathe it out everyone.  The letters together can’t take over the world like Dolphins can.  Just you wait.

Today’s links were brought to you by The NY Daily News, and The Guardian UK.  Please and thank you as always.


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