Court…where humanity goes to die

School Edition

The Waste of Time:

Conneticut- A student at Ronald Reagan High School claims the school newspaper defamed him by using his photo without his consent to illustrate a story about sexually transmitted diseases.  Kenneth Clements claims the school newspaper, the Reagan Advocate, used him “as the poster child for a teen with sexually transmitted disease, even though there was absolutely no basis to conclude he had contracted such a disease.”  Clements was a senior on Feb. 4, 2011, when the Advocate ran the story under the headline, “Teens Stay Quiet About STD’s,” with a photo of him with an X over his mouth, according to his complaint.

Seemed Reasonable at the Time:

Illinois – A high school student claims in court that his school district and the sheriff conducted a boneheaded “safety drill” in which a fake intruder entered school with a realistic-looking cap gun, fired two shots and singled him out as a target, and that after the student fled, sheriff’s officers interrogated him about selling drugs – before revealing that it was all just pretend.

This is the end:

Hawaii – A mother claims dozens of students at a state school for the deaf and blind were sexually abused and the head of the school knew of the abuses but failed to report them.
The mother of John Doe, who is deaf, says her son was one of as many as 35 students who were sexually abused by a gang who called themselves the “Ringleaders” at the Hawaii Center for the Deaf and Blind. She sued the State of Hawaii, the school, its administrator Sydney Dickerson, and a counselor, Scott O’Neal, in state court.   “Students, including plaintiff John Doe, were coerced into submitting to anal sex with multiple members of the Ringleaders,” the mother says.  She says, “A young girl at the school became pregnant, which was known to school officials.”

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