This guy wrote a script, now he needs help selling it

This guy wrote a scriptme-winking

Now he needs your help selling it


The Story:

Fiona is Gone is a on-the-run border thriller centered around Chuck, a former border patrol officer turned low level politician who must make sure by any means necessary that his past stays behind him if he has any chance of getting re-elected.

The Need:

The two keys to selling a script are story and exposure.  A good story should be the obvious first thing you need to sell a screenplay.  I think I’ve got just that.  Read a few pages to see what you think, you can see some of my previous work to see what else I’ve done, or you can just love this face too much to say no.

Exposure is where I need you, you beautiful person reading this via the magic of the world wide web.  Unfortunately, there is no one specific way to sell a script without an agent but there are several outlets that give a great script a better opportunity to be seen and optioned.   I’ve complied several websites that deal with the business of screenplays in a variety of ways that you can use to invest in me or, just go ahead and make it rain and let me figure it all out.

or you can mail money to:

Matthew Pizana

14180  Dallas Parkway #450

Dallas, TX 75254

Specific Investment Options:

The Blacklist: A friend who will remain nameless (Eric) who works at Warner Brothers told me when I asked about script coverage he said, “Yeah, we look for scripts there.” So, with a ringing endorsement like that, how can it go wrong.  The blacklist compiles screenplays for producers and executives to scan for new material.  The Blacklist started as a once a year survey of all the best unproduced screenplays floating around Hollyweird.  Now, they list screenplays year round for review.

25$ a month to list.

50$ for blacklist staff member to read and review.

InkTIp:  InkTip’s services yield 3-4 closed deals per week, with more than 2 feature films produced per month. These closed deals include writers picked up for representation, writers hired, scripts optioned and scripts sold.

100$ for 6 months online listing.

Mexican International Film Festival: With the story of Fiona is Gone focusing on the Texas-Mexico border, why not try to head down to Mexico and make a few friends.  And yes, I will get a tan before I go.  Pasty pale is not the ideal Mexico color.

40$ for entry.

If you have made it this far, thanks mom.  For anyone else, thank you for your attention and/also your donations.  The easy part of writing the script (ha) is done.  Now, welcome to the hard part but with your investment, hopefully the hard part will now be a little less painful.

Matthew Pizana